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  • Capture Management

    Serve as client’s Capture Manager, with responsibility for the planning, execution, and management of all (or nearly all) facets of and personnel associated with the proposal effort.

  • Player/Coach Capture Strategy and Assistance

    Assistance to client Capture Manager in development and implementation of the overall approach (and integrated sub-approaches) that will result in the successful capture of the proposal. Can include coaching and mentoring of capture professionals—and implementation/refinement of proposal processes and tools—through hands-on strategic guidance.

  • Story Development (Win Themes and Key Messages) and Executive Summary Writing

    Development and writing of the “the story” intended to position and differentiate the client—and the client’s solution/response—in the mind of the client’s customer.

  • Proposal Management

    Management of the proposal document, including schedules, workflows, and reviews. Also lead for ongoing requirements understanding and compliance.

  • Storyboard (Annotated Outline) Development

    Assistance to client writers in development of a quickly-created, requirements-reviewable version of authors’ assigned work.

  • Just-In-Time Training and Workshops

    During-proposal training workshops provided to the proposal team to improve the team’s processes, quality, and consistency of effort concerning the topic. Currently available training includes win theme development, storyboard development, and proposal writing.

  • Review Management
    (Black Hat, Green, Blue, Pink, Red, and Gold)

    Organization and development of various types of reviews needed throughout the proposal’s life-cycle, including associated tools and processes.

  • Orals/QA Development and Coaching

    Assist in crafting of message, development of materials, and coaching of delivery.

  • Proposal Writing

    Translation of information, solutions, and strategic messages from subject matter exerts and other sources into winning text, including technical, management, resume, past performance, and executive summary writing.

  • Graphics Development

    Assisting authors to successfully depict information, ideas, and messages in graphical terms, and developing those graphics for professional use in the proposal.

  • Editing

    Editing proposal for grammar, spelling, syntax, etc., but also for consistency in use of terms, usage, information, and the like.

  • Production

    Assembling written and graphical work into final proposal that meets all requirements, and, as necessary, for particular reviews.

  • Proposal Infrastructure Assessment and Development

    Enhance inherent capability of proposal development effectiveness via assessments, recommendations, and assisted implementations with regard to process, personnel, and tools.


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